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tablet overtaking PCs

Mobile Marketing Daily reports that tablet shipments will overtake PCs in 2015. More than a geeky piece of techy news, this has real and practical implications for digital marketers everywhere. Today, not tomorrow. I present two key questions you should have already been asking a while back, but if not, you should ask now: Navigation: […]

Gmail’s grid view displays offers and other promotional mail in an alternative, more visual way in the Promotions tab. Gmail uses an algorithm that attempts to determine the most relevant image from a message to display. However, if you’re a sender of promotional email, you can use markup to specify the image or content to display to help your readers get the best experience.

  • Ensure your email creative are being coded to maximize the visual impact of the new Gmail grid view promotions tab.
  • Coding instructions and recommendations are available for your agency or team doing email coding.

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