Helping Fix Email Inbox Overload

Email Inbox OverloadI recently had the opportunity to contribute a Professional Development sessions for staff and faculty at Cecil College. Below is the deck from that session on learning to better manage one’s email inbox. Here is the description:

Learn about the cost and negative impact of poor email management and an out-of-control inbox. Also, learn the action-based approach to achieve a “zero inbox” with your email. Increase your productivity by learning to be a better email sender and a better manager of your email inbox.

You can check out myspeaker notes by downloading this PDF.

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▶ Currently looking for new career opportunity in Email Marketing, & Digital Marketing.

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I am passionate about helping people & organizations communicate with clarity using digital tools so they can develop stronger, more meaningful relationships & impact their world.

★ I am an experienced digital marketing strategist and project manager with proven success in integrated, results-focused, online marketing projects and campaigns.

★ I have experience both in B2B and B2C marketing, and have worked in internal corporate marketing, as well as within an agency in client-facing roles.

★ I have managed programs and campaigns, from strategy to execution, for:

▶ email,
▶ mobile,
▶ pay-per-click,
▶ banners,
▶ websites & content marketing,
▶ micro sites,
▶ direct mail,
▶ radio & podcast,
▶ social media
▶ and other channels.

★ I have proven success in effective vendor and agency relationship management, and I am effective at cross-department team communication and leadership.

★ Passionate about sharing what I learn and know with others through workshops, seminars, social media and my personal blog at

★ Phone Consultant on small business marketing & email marketing.

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★ Native-fluent in Spanish & English.
▶ Experienced in multi-lingual and cross-cultural marketing.

★★ My Strength Finder Profile: ★★

☀ Ideation,
♔ Strategy,
☎ Communication, &
★ Relationship Building.
(Strengths Finder 2.0; Gallup Press)

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