icons in branding

I was reminded of the power of icons, and the association they bring. By icons, I.mean visual elements that are so deeply engrained in the culture, you are likely to find similar associations if you asked 10 different people of similar ethnographic background.

I’m taking some time off with the family this weekend, but wanted to check in to share this image as an example. Depending on how old you are, tthere are several strong association, memories or even emotions tied to this visual.

What does it remind you off? Share in the comments. (Motorola Droid MotoX)

Intro to Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling

Here are some interesting insights on Parallax Scrolling I recently learned as I researched the design technique, and explored its potential and limitations. I found a Wikipedia entry that describes it this way: Web designers began incorporating parallax scrolling in 2011, using HTML5 and CSS3. Websites with parallax backgrounds are becoming an increasingly popular strategy, […]

Strength Finder 2.0

Strength Finder 2.0 (New York, NY: Gallup Press, 2007)

This book has changed how I manage my career, and where I focus my energy and time as far as my professional development efforts. As a result of what I have learned, I am seeing more success in identifying key projects that help me shine at work, and that allow me to feel better about the work I do. This is a must read for any senior high school student or college student.